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Giovani Europei Magazine Speciale Biennale di Venezia

The formula already experimented also in Spoleto "Art in The City" will be re-proposed in the city of Venice during the 58th Biennial of Art, Kermesse highlight of this sector. The Menotti Art Festival Spoleto has made important alliances with embassies, cultural institutions and pavilions of the Biennial of National States such as China, Egypt, South Africa and will present an innovative communication project with Giovani Europei Magazine, a special Venice Biennale, with about a hundred dedicated pages to the Biennale news. The artists proposed by the Menotti Art Festival Spoleto between personal and collective will be present in several areas of the lagoon. The exhibitions will remain open from 11 May to 12 September, mostly at Villa Pannonia (Venice Lido) under the artistic direction of Paola Biadetti, critical presentation by Prof. Assunta Cuozzo, introduction of the project by Prof. Luca Filipponi, with the participation of Prof. Gihane Zaki, Director of the Egypt and Rome Academy. The presentation will take place at 5 pm on Saturday 11 May at Villa Pannonia. The Artists of the Menotti Art Festival present with the personal exhibition with care and artistic direction of Paola Biadetti are: Franco Carletti, Lorenzo Ludi, Evandro Muti. For the collective exhibitions the Artists will be present: Gagliardi Stefania, Guarino Mario, Iallussi Sevastì, Lubrani Fiore Stefania, Maglio Maurizio, Natale Andrea, Rampazzo Federica, Serafini Elisabetta (from 11 to 31 May 2019 Villa Pannonia). Subsequently the Angelini Rossana, Caglioti Santo, Ludi Lorenzo, Muti Evandro, Perulli Gianfranco, Sernesi Gabriella (1 to 12 September 2019 Villa Pannonia) will be present. The Menotti Art Festival will also present the special "Comparison Masters Art in The City Venice" (from August 1st to September 12th) with the following artists: Valerio Giuffrè, Franco Tarantino, Carcione Giovanni Luigi, Orsolini Maurizio, Anna Sticco, Tony Raggetti, Sandro Trotti who signed the cover of the special with one of his Venezie. Satisfaction for this initiative by the President of the Cultural Foundation Menotti Art Festival Spoleto Prof. Luca Filipponi together with the curator of the Kermesse Paola Biadetti and Prof. Sandro Trotti: << The Spoleto Art in The City formula wins and convinces so much that even Venice has opened the doors to our Kermesse with availability of collaboration and conferment of spaces free of charge. The rise seems to me important, evident and in this year it is deeply emerging >>. The GE Magazine special n ° 52 will be presented in Venice and shows the latest news of the 58th Biennale directed by the American Ralph Rugoff and numerous interventions and interviews with representatives of international and cultural institutions including that of Prof. Giuseppe Catapano (Rector and President of Auge), that of Prof. Gihane Zaki (Director of the Academy of Egypt) and of the Music Director of the Menotti Art Festival Tania Di Giorgio announcing the news of the 2019 edition. At the same time in Venice, the Menotti Art Festival will present the soloist of the Campano artist Giuseppe Proto at the Municipality of Spoleto Ex Monte di Pietà via Saffi with presentation Sunday 12 May at 5 pm (exhibition from 11 to 26 May 2019 by the Artist) Andrea Natale). In these days the Menotti Art Festival is present in New York with the musical Director Tania Di Giorgio accompanied by the soprano colleague Angelica Cirillo to meet numerous American cultural institutions and to perform in prestigious concerts. The Kermesse Spoletina is increasingly moving towards an American foundation that would be supported and financed by other international foundations with offices in the USA, China and Italy. As pointed out by the architects of this project Luca Filipponi and Angelo Sagnelli << The road is well traced we are seeing the last details and methods for the constitution of the new Foundation dedicated to Giancarlo Menotti >>. The Menotti Art Festival 2019 (from 27 to 30 September 2019) almost totally sold out is taking the first reservations for 2020.

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