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Menotti Art Festival in One Hundred City

The event will be re-presented in the city of L'Aquila with the Tau Foundation The last artistic and cultural activities of Spoleto Art Festival 2018 are in progress, with an exhibition of 43 works of the twentieth century at the Teatro Sociale of Amelia (until October 31st with Ameria Festival), with the solo exhibition of Maestro Silvio Craia at the Hospital of Spoleto (Vigilate Meum until November 30th), the personal exhibition of the artist Nestor Bernardi from the Hotel Nuovo Clitunno (open until November 30th). There are many international and national organizations that took part in the X edition of the Spoleto Art Festival, public and private bodies that the President Prof. Luca Filipponi manages to hold together in a constructive spirit. The news of this year were the international attendance especially Chinese, with the twinning Academy Italian Training Agency UIAI directed by the Gallery Sonia and the artist and teacher Zhang Zhan of the city of Wuhan (Hubei), city in which it will take place in October 2019, the famous International Biennial of which Prof. Luca Filipponi was nominated as Artistic Director. In this edition the twinnings were completed with the city of New York ranging from the International Designer group headed by Billy The Artist (Author of the 2018 poster) and Marco Gallotta (Author of the 2019 poster) and then the partnerships with the Galleries and Foundations that have historically been and are linked to the figure of Giancarlo Menotti. With China, numerous academic and cultural activities have been granted through the frequent presence in China of Artistic Director of Menotti Art Festival Prof. Sandro Trotti, historical teacher of the Academy of Via di Ripetta in Rome and currently Artistic Consultant of the Ministry of Culture Chinese. There are also many cultural activities with Brazil and South America through the group of Artists Coordinated by Baroness Maria Lucia Soares; with the American Canadian group of the Ars Interamna Laziale Association of Dr. Antonio Evangelista, or with the Afro American group headed by the presenter Marcia Sedoc Artist who promoted the International Award on Human Rights on the occasion of the centenary of Nelson Mandela with the presence in Spoleto of five Ambassadors Present Russian artists involved by the photographer Alina Okuneva who currently lives in Spoleto but maintains important relations with Russia and the countries of Eastern Europe. Also important are the relationships with exhibitors and artists of the Arab world and the Middle East gained through collaboration with the Egyptian Academy of Rome directed by Prof. Gihane Zaki, already the "Communicating Europe 2018" award, but also with various Iranian and Iraqi associations coordinated by Dr. Eraldo Vinciguerra. Cooperation in the national context has also been strengthened and expanded from a territorial, technical, qualitative and sectorial point of view, starting from the relations with the Turin Journalist and Galleryer Girardi (Artinvest Turin), Costiera Arte with its Directors Silvio Amato and Antonio Perotti who involved and brought to Spoleto major international designers including the Dutch Tom Pret (Author of the Spoleto Art Festival Manifesto 2017), Alessandro Guerriero (Author of the cover of the Literary Fair 2018) In order to remain on the Amalfi coast, twinning has been confirmed with Raitolibri by Francesco Grillo and Maria Grazia Salpietro and with the Festival LacostieraAmalfitana.it directed by the Journalist Alfonso Bottone. Still remaining in Campania have been confirmed collaborations with the Teatro delle Arti of Salerno and with the Basilica of the Immaculate in Chiaia di Napoli, as well as with the Neapolitan publisher Piero Graus and the Graus Editore which is obtaining remarkable results in the contemporary scene. Also in Campania the presence of the critic and professor Carlo Roberto Sciascia of Caserta is confirmed with his group, consolidated the relationship with Prof. Francesco Petrillo who will coordinate a new award for 2019 in the literary legal field. Great success of Spoleto Meeting Art exhibitions curated by Paola Biadetti with artists from all over Italy, with some exhibitions that will continue in the coming months (Silvio Craia, Nestore Bernardi and Lorenzo Guidi) In the 2018 edition they confirmed the presence of the artists of the Campania group that belongs to the Artist Andrea Natale, the Aion Art Association of Stefania Montori and Massimo Bigioni who participated with a large group of artists. Abruzzo could not be absent with the Tau foundation presided by the local doctor Umberto Giammaria with whom are developing noteworthy partnership projects with the Abruzzo region and its headquarters in Brussels and then with many artists from Abruzzo, including Giuseppe Tanzi of Pescara and Nestor Bernardi of Montereale (AQ) The collaboration with Abruzzo was central in this edition also due to the presence of numerous public and private administrators and for the close collaboration with Giulianova doctor Antonio Lera, president of the Caffè Letterari association of Italy and Europe. In Rome the Spoleto Art Festival plays at home being the city where Sandro Trotti (Art Director) resides, Paola Biadetti (artistic director of Spoleto Meeting Art and Marketing Director), Angelo Sagnelli (artistic director of the Literature award), but also Neria De Giovanni (President of the UNESCO association of literary critics). Umbria is represented by the master and professor Sandro Bini of Terni (President of the Spoleto Art Festival Visual Arts), by the historical masters of the city of Spoleto Sergio Bizzarri and Manuel Campus who have believed in this kermis since the first edition. Present in the dual role of media and cultural partner the Tuscan Culture Association of Fabrizio Borghini, Liguria has been present with many artists and with the staff of the young artist from La Spezia Lorenzo Ludi, also author of the canceled philatelic and the postal commemorative postcard. Cultural cooperation with the Marches has been confirmed through the personal exhibitions of the Professor of Macerata, Silvio Craia and of the Maceratese doctor Silvio Natali, but also with the critic and collector Daniele Taddei. During the other months of the year, the Spoleto Art Festival has activated and activated numerous collaborations with many Italian cities: the city of San Benedetto del Tronto which will host the Oscar Wilde literary prize on October 27th, the city of Castiglion Fiorentino (AR) that has hosted the exhibitions of the Spoleto prize, the city of Amelia and the Ameria Festival directed by the former mayor and magistrate Riccardo Romagnoli hosting a beautiful exhibition of authors of the Italian 900 at the famous social theater (open until October 31st). In the 2018 edition the exhibitions curated by galleries and art dealers or art critics have been increased, including Prof. Pasquale Lettieri, who represents numerous galleries and collectors, the Polidarte gallery of Spoleto by Annamaria Polidori and Roberto Girardi of Artinvest of Turin Also confirmed the partnership with the Photo Festival of Lisa Bernardini and with the special sections of the Spoleto Art Festival that in this edition have brought strong cultural energies: Spoleto Art Festival Music directed by Tania di Giorgio, Spoleto Art Fashion directed by Floriana Rignanese, Spoleto Science of dr. Aldo Tracchegiani, the Spoleto Art Festival Intercultura section directed by the artist and director Marcia Sedoc. Prof. Luca Filipponi, President of the Menotti Art Festival, expressed great satisfaction for the 2018 edition: "we are working to define the planning of the 2019 edition with great answers in the cities of Spoleto and Umbria also by artists and private entrepreneurs . I thank all the participants of the 2018 edition and I will meet you at the 2019 edition from 27 to 30 September ".

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